Q1. How long my hair will last?

A: This hair can last many years with proper care. You must follow the instructions provided when you receive your hair.


Q2. Can I color this hair?

A. Yes this hair can be colored.  However, once colored, it will be important to use the proper shampoo and conditioner for colored hair.


Q3. How much hair extensions do I need? 

A. For a full sew-in weave, we recommend 3 bundles of hair between 10 to 18 inches in length.  For hair that is beyond 20 inches in length, it is recommended to have 3 or more bundles depending on the look you want to have.


Q4 . How is the pattern of the hair are made ? Do you use chemical products to achieve that?

A. The different pattern for the processed hair is made by a steam processed.  No chemicals products are used.  


Q5. How often should I wash my hair extensions ?

A.  We recommend that you wash your hair extension every week or every 2 weeks. 


 Q6. Can you ship to my country?

A. Yeah,No problem,we can ship to your country. We can ship single item samples or large orders "worldwide"